Warrior Princess- vogue.it - talents-shooting

"The Warrior princess was born out of the meeting point between raw art and current fashion trends ; illustrations of fictional 2 meter high hand printed black creatures, designed by graphic and textile designer Lee Schein, whom was inspired by real and non real cultures;"

"...The mood of hair and makeup, complimentary to these two trends as well-braids with a Mohawk, hints of warrior painted eyes with dark purple velvet lips. The focus of this photo shoot was on Israeli designers who are inspired by consequence from a wide range of cultures and are today more than ever eager to branch out with their designs worldwide..."

(MORE: http://www.vogue.it/en/talents/talents-shooting/2013/08/warrior-princess#ad-image5)
Photography: Ella Uzan 

Stylist: Rony Ilan 
Art: Lee Schein 
Makeup: Avivit Mugrabi 
Hair: Ohad Dagan 
Model: Miriam Roth 

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